List of Supervisors of the Town of Saugerties

Term Name Party Notes Image
1811-1812 John Kiersted Democratic-Republican ?
1813 Asa Bigelow Federalist ?
1814 Jacob Snyder Democratic-Republican (Bucktail) ? ?
1815 Jacob Trumpbour, Jr. Federalist ? ?
1816 Jacob Snyder Democratic-Republican (Bucktail) ? ?
1817 Abraham Fiero, Jr. Federalist ? ?
1818-1819 Jacob Snyder Democratic-Republican (Bucktail) Note: Served in the New York State Assembly for the 1820-1821 session. ?
1820-1821 Giles Isham Democratic-Republican ? ?
1822-1824 George A. Gay Democratic-Republican (Clintonite) ? ?
1825-1828 Jeremiah Russell Democratic Also served as US Congressman
1829George A. GayWhigNotes?Image?
1830-1833Jeremiah RussellDemocraticAlso served as US Congressman
1834Henry P. HermanceDemocraticNotes?Image?
1835-1836George A. GayWhigNotes?Image?
1837-1840Jeremiah RussellDemocraticAlso served as US Congressman
1841Herman J. QuackenbossDemocraticNotes?Image?
1842-1843Nicholas ShultisDemocraticNotes?Image?
1844-1845John V. L. OverbaghWhigNotes?
1846-1847James RussellDemocraticSon of Jeremiah Russell.Image?
1848George A. GayWhigNotes?Image?
1849Solomon A. SmithWhigNotes?Image?
1850William S. BurhansDemocraticNotes?Image?
1851Nathan KelloggWhigNotes?Image?
1852Solomon A. SmithWhigNotes?Image?
1853Fordyce Luther LaflinDemocraticNotes?Image?
1854Peter B. MyerWhigNotes?Image?
1855Samuel M. PostAmericanNotes?Image?
1856William Fiero RussellDemocraticSon of Jeremiah Russell, later a US Congressman.
1857Fordyce Luther LaflinDemocraticNotes?Image?
1858Seaman G. SearingDemocratic (Anti-Lecompton)Represented Ulster County in the 1878 New York Assembly)\
1859Thomas S. DawesDemocraticNotes?
1860Fordyce Luther LaflinDemocraticNotes?Image?
1861Thomas S. DawesRepublicanFor all his other terms, Dawes was elected as a Democrat instead.
1862-1864Cyrenius F. BrillDemocraticNotes?Image?
1865-1866Fordyce Luther LaflinDemocraticNotes?Image?
1867Nathan KelloggDemocraticNotes?Image?
1868-1869Jeremiah P. RussellDemocraticFull name Jeremiah Peter Russell, he is the grandson of Jeremiah Russell and nephew of both James Russell and William Fiero Russell.
1870Herman WinansDemocraticNotes?Image?
1871Thomas MaxwellRepublicanNotes?
1872John MaxwellRepublicanNotes?
1873Robert A. SnyderRepublicanNotes?
1874Thomas MaxwellRepublicanNotes?
1875Thomas S. DawesDemocraticNotes?
1876Robert A. SnyderRepublicanNotes?
1877-1878Seaman G. SearingDemocratic (NYS Leg. 1878)Notes?
1879Robert A. SnyderRepublicanNotes?
1880Egbert CooperDemocraticNotes?Image?
1881-1884Uriah VanEttenRepublicanNotes?Image?
1885Albert CarnrightDemocraticNotes?Image?
1886-1889Uriah VanEttenRepublicanNotes?Image?
1890-1892Edmund M. WilburDemocraticNotes?
1893-1897John D. FratsherRepublicanServed as Ulster County Clerk, 1901-1912
1898-1899Edmund M. WilburDemocratic Notes?
1900-1907David W. MaxwellRepublicanSon of Thomas Maxwell.
1908-1913John A. SnyderRepublicanNotes?
1914-1924John D. FratsherRepublicanServed as Ulster County Clerk, 1901-1912
1924-1930John C. ShultsDemocraticNotes?
1930-1934Henry A. LamoureeRepublicanNotes?
1934-1936John C. ShultsDemocraticNotes?
1936-1940Robert A. Snyder (2)RepublicanThird-generation Town Supervisor! Son of John A. Snyder, and grandson of Robert A. Snyder. Served as Ulster County Clerk 1940-1948
1940Harry K. MyersRepublicanPassed away in his first year of service as Supervisor. Jacob H. Rogers was selected by the Town Board to fill the remainder of his term.
1940-1950Jacob H. RogersRepublicanNotes?
1950-1968Peter M. WilliamsRepublicanLongest-serving supervisor in Saugerties history.
1968-1976A. Michael SchovelDemocratic (1968), Independent (1976)Notes?
1976-1978Frank GrecoRepublicanNotes?
1980-1982Richard F. ThorntonDemocratic, ConservativeNotes?
1982-1986George A. TurnerRepublicanNotes?
1986-1990Gloria SchovelDemocratic, ConservativeNotes?
1990-1992Vernon BenjaminDemocraticAuthor of the two-volume "History of the Hudson River Valley."
1992-1994George J. TerpeningConservativeNotes?
1994-2000James R. GriffisRepublicanNotes?
2000-2012Greg HelsmoortelRepublicanNotes?
2012-2014Kelly MyersRepublicanNotes?
2014-2018Greg HelsmoortelIndependentNote: Endorsed by Dem and WFP in 2014-2018
2018-CurrentFred CostelloDemocraticNotes?


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