List of Mayors of the Village of Saugerties

President of the Village of Ulster
TermNamePolitical PartyNotesImage
1831-1832Henry BarclayParty?Notes?
1832-1833Henry P HeermansParty?Notes?Image?
1833-1834Russell BradleyParty?Notes?Image?
1834-1839John V L OverbaghWhigNotes?
1839-1841Jeremiah RussellParty?Notes?
?UnknownParty?At this time, the Presidents of the Village of Ulster from 1841-1855 are not known to me. I have found a reference to Fordyce L. Laflin and James Russell being President in 1851 (perhaps one till March and the other after).Image?
President of the Village of Saugerties
TermNamePolitical PartyNotesImage
1855David Van Buskirk  Image?
1856John Vedder  
1857Cornelius Battelle  Image?
1858Solomon Cone  Image?
1859William C. DeWitt  Image?
1860Samuel Merclean  Image?
1861Cornelius Battelle  Image?
1862-1863John Vedder  
1863William Fiero Russell Filling in the remainder of John Vedder's term.
1864Egbert Cooper  Image?
1865-1866William Hanna  Image?
1867Henry D. Laflin  
1868William E. Kipp  Image?
1869Joseph Smith  Image?
1870-1871Moses Krohn  Image?
1872James Maines  Image?
1873Thomas Maxwell  
1874Egbert Cooper  Image?
1875Benjamin M. Freligh  Image?
1876-1877William Fiero Russell  
1878William R. Sheffield  
1879Robert A. Snyder 
1880James A. James  
1881Seaman G. Searing  
1882Thomas S. Dawes  
1883Ovid T. SimmonsDemocratic  
1884Thomas S. Dawes  
1885George Seamon  
1886-1887Benjamin Coon   
1888-1891William R. Sheffield Resigned Nov 12 1891
1892James H. Van Keuren   
1893Marcellus H. WygantRepublicanA dentist, he fought for the Union in the Civil War (pictured here as a young soldier). His interesting encounter with Confederate Brigadier General William Barksdale is relayed here.
1894Norman Cunyes  
1895Ovid T. SimmonsDemocratic  
1897-1898Martin CantineRepublican 
1898-1899A.P. LasherRepublican 
1899-1900Richard S. Gibson d. June 16th 1922 
1900-1901William Ziegler  
1901-1912Albert RoweRepublican 
1913-1923William Ziegler  
1923-1927Mervin Gillespy  
Mayor of the Village of Saugerties
1927-1931Mervin GillespyUnion-Citizens PartyThe first to serve under the new New York State Village Law, which changed the title to "Mayor".Image?
1931-1933W. Hoyt OverbaghUnion-Citizens Partyd. 1939
1933-1937Myron BedellCitizen's Protective PartyNotes?
1937-1940George L. KerbertCitizen's Protective PartyResigned, mayoralty went to Vice Mayor Frank S. Tongue
1940-1941Frank S. TongueCitizen's Protective PartyDeclined re-nomination
1941John F. CarnrightCitizen's Protective PartyDied in office, aged 55.
1941-1949Franklin P. ClumCitizens Protective Party (1949)Was not allowed on 1949 ballot per NYS Supreme Court decision, ran a write-in campaign, lost by 200 votes.
1949-1955George P. HolmesTaxpayers Party 
1955-1957Arthur F SimmonsCitizens Protective Party 
1957-1963George P. HolmesIndependent PartyRan unopposed in 1959. Reelected 1961.
1963-1964William ZieglerSaugerties Village PartySon of earlier Mayor William Ziegler
1964-1973Cornelius "Neal" Matthew CoxSaugerties Village PartyRan unopposed in 1965, 1967, 1969, 1971,
1973-1975Vernon "Joe" A. BenjaminIndependent Taxpayers Party (1973); Sawyer Party (1975)In 1959, named as Saugerties's first Outstanding Citizen" by the Saugerties Jaycees. Headed the new "Independent Taxpayers Party" in 1973, which changed its name to the "Sawyer Party" in 1975.
1975-1976James V. GageVillage PartyIndicted on two counts of larceny, confessed to altering tax rolls, fined $3000 dollars. Resigned November 1976
1976-1977Erika HincheySawyer PartyErika Hinchey was the first woman on the village board in 1973 (on the Independent Taxpayers Party ticket), and the first woman to be mayor of Saugerties when she was elected by the Board of Trustees to fill the unexpired term of James V. Gage in 1976. She is the wife of former U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey.
1977-1979George A. TurnerSawyer Party Note: Once lived at 2 Louis Ave
1979-1983Charles W SteeleVillage Party D. 2009, buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery
1983-1985Robert M MoserVillage Party (1983) 
1985-1992John Mull RobbinsOriginal Sawyer PartyIn 1989 defeated former mayor Simmons's comeback bid. Moved out of Village limits, necessitated his resignation in 1992
1992-1997Anthi "Tina" ChorvasOriginal Sawyer Party (Before 1996), New Visions Party (1996-1997)Tina Chorvas Waterfront Park is named for her. She died 1998.
1997-2010Robert A YerickNew Visions PartyResigned 2010.
2010-CurrentBill MurphyNew Visions Party 


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